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As a sinner seeking Truth, I have regularly returned to the story of Jonah…maybe as a matter of vain identification with a person who literally threw himself in the middle of a raging sea to avoid what he heard as a commandment from God. It is a stark account that God’s Will is greater than ours, no matter how far we may stray from the idea that our own wills are lesser. I’ve often read this story (more like skimmed thoroughly) to remind myself that God will save us when we endanger ourselves…

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Greetings to those of you who may stumble upon this message and I hope today has found you and has been good to you.

We are all hurting. Every single one of us, everyone around us has new struggles unimagined a year ago. I’ve been grieved like most of you have been in the last several months as we all have been forced to come to grips with disease, economic hardship, political theater, and societal breakage unseen in most of our lifetimes. In response, I have felt an overwhelming urge to return to…

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Note: This article is in revision because it needs restructuring.

This article shares 10 steps to successfully lead your teams through positive transformation in our present climate of outrageous mayhem. But first, I tell a story that may seem unrelated at first.

Trust the process.

After 72 very long hours of being cooped up with her family due to businesses shuttering in response to Coronavirus mandates, it took a huge emotional toll on Jane. After a few weeks more of what seemed like never-ending online meetings and work ramp-up plus “homeschooling”, she was at her wit’s end and just about to deplete her surge capacity. One sleepless night, Jane stared…

Pandemic Survival Guide, Vol. 1, Chapter 2

Forcing the entire world to go ‘remote’ has shown us we don’t need to be in skyscrapers to do our jobs. What could the world look like if we changed how we think about cities?

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I’ve been a long-time advocate of the notion that those who can work remotely should embrace it where it makes sense. …

Pandemic Survival Guide, Vol. 1, Chapter 1

Survival and next steps are in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Considering we’re still in the first wave of a global pandemic, this is completely normal. What isn’t normal is the widespread tuning out of personal needs over corporate survival. Here are a few ways to overcome the chasm of communication breakdowns and unity during remote working.

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In my career, I’ve struggled continually with work/life balance. As the mother of a precocious young child and as the primary financial supporter of my family, I’ve juggled the guilt of neglecting my child in favor…

Pandemic Survival Guide, Vol. 1, Preface

As a consultant, I have been constantly worried about staying employed during our global pandemic and how I am going to care for my just-turned-seven-years-old son while his school and daycare are shut down. I’m youngish with too much self-inflation, but too distracted to unpack that much past writing a blog sentence or three. These are my thoughts about work, food, and some important things I missed.

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So here we are in what is a worldwide slowdown. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I’ve been reconsidering my existence and how I (should) interact with the world. I’m an extrovert to…

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